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Golden Project for Training & Consultation is a pioneer leading institution in the field of preparing, training and development of technical, executive and management skills; being the first Arabic institution of its kind in Turkey morally imposed heavy responsibility on us to accumulate a huge marvelous record of achievements, through scientific, academic and technical partnerships with several renowned Arab, Turkish and international institutions which enabled us to adopt the modern management methods and theoretical and technological styles in business development.



  • To play a key role in the process of developing technical, managerial and executive skills of individuals and institutions through distinctive comprehensive professional programs.

  • To contribute to the efforts of handling challenges and eliminating inefficiencies in order keep pace with international standards of competitiveness


  • Commitment to the highest level of credibility and transparency in dealing with partners or staff.
  • If we do not keep developing and enhancing our abilities and expertise, as a training center, we cannot deliver this to others.
  • Keen and open strive to collaborate and exchange knowledge and experiences with counterpart centers and institutions in accordance with the values of fair scientific competition.


  • To utilize applicable scientific approach and tools in bridging the gap between theoretical methodologies of management science and how to successfully apply it in business by assimilating attained achievements and stimulating creativity and innovation within corporates and individuals.


  • Adopting flexible scientific approach in delivering training programs.
  • Active contribution to the enhancement of human resources development programs.

  • Building young persons’ leadership in all vocational and administrative sections.

  • Designing specialized training programs tailored to meet business requirements.

  • To enact profound basics for getting and localization of management technologies in the region.

  • The provision of scientific and practical advises to identify business strategies according to variables.

  • Improving human resources’ performance using specialized studies programs for individuals and institutions.

  • Continuous analysis for institutional businesses in order to meet training needs an individual requirements.

  • Generating and developing productive abilities and investing them in the proper place.



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